Happy Halloween! (Former coworker in one of my favorite costumes ever)

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}


My Mom is in town for a few days so I’m putting up some photo posts since I don’t have time to write anything indepth.

This was the last pumpkin I carved for Halloween. I was going to do one this year, but then I remembered, I hate cleaning the pumpkin out and I don’t enjoy carving them. Isn’t it nice when you’re an adult and you realize you don’t have to do this stuff if you don’t want to?

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}

A First Kiss

I wonder about people’s firsts. I found myself to always have the classic storybook opportunity, which would end up not happening and then I’d have the nothing-to-write-home-about first.

For example, my first kiss:

I had a crush on the same boy from kindergarden to 8th grade, and it only stopped then because I changed schools. We dated in kindergarden (I don’t remember how this started or what it consisted of), but the ending is one of my most vivid early memories. He was playing some sort of soldier/war game during recess and I gave him an ultimatum in front of all of his friends, if he didn’t play horses with me and my friends by the time I counted to whatever I was breaking up with him. I remember standing there and counting down and then breaking up with him in front of all of his friends, and then we sort of sat around the rest of recess being really sad and neither of us played. 26yr old Jenna realizes that I didn’t give him a choice at all with that one, but I was 5 or 6 and didn’t understand how these things worked. I just wanted him to chase me around with my friends.

Later we rekindled our relationship in 6th Grade after he and his secret longtime girlfriend broke up (that’s how we all found out they had even been together, exciting grade school gossip). My gift with words started at a young age, I handed him a piece of paper with “I like you. Do you like me? Circle yes or no”.  After some negative interfering from his best friend, I got the paper back with a yes circled. (I still have this by the way packed away with my kid stuff.) I then made him a brown and olive green friendship bracelet (manly colors). We had a very innocent romance all summer, I wanted to be kissed so bad, but it never happens (making awkward comments when I’m feeling awkward started at a young age too). We went to middle school and he started dating my best friend (I could cry at school dances with the best of them) and they definitely kissed, I think there was some at least 2nd base action too.

SO what was my first kiss? A spin the bottle game at a friend’s house in 8th grade with a boy I only liked as a friend, in front of all of my friends (they didn’t know, that would have been humiliating). He had very soft lips and neither of us wanted to kiss the other one. Later we also played 7 minutes in heaven and we talked about the weather. Sadly I had my first cigarette before I had my first kiss.

Anyone else willing to share a first kiss story (disappointment or otherwise?)

Friday Favorites

Current Favorites: Fossil Ring, Vermont Necklace, The Roots ft John Legend: The Fire

My Fossil Ring: I was unemployed for about five months last year (two of which I was traveling). I spent that December working at Macy’s in Fashion Jewelry. Stories about that experience another time… I was totally broke but basically selling my kriptonite (fun, cheap jewelry). I was good though, this was the only thing I bought after it went on sale. Today it rained and was grey and I’ve been sick all week so this brightened up my day. An example of something little that has been worthwhile for almost a year now.

My Vermont Necklace (I promise I’ll diversafy from jewelry).

I got this at the Renegade Craft Fair that took place this past July in San Francisco. One of the most fun events they have in the city. Really creative people from all over bringing their stuff. It’s also excellent people watching. I bought this because in the last year I’ve really begun to miss where I grew up. I like being able to wear this and keep it close to my heart. I also think the antique map with antique setting is really unique and nice to look at, it can pretty much go with anything so I can have it on whenever I’m feeling homesick. (This example is of Paris where one of my dear friends is for the next year). Check out: theweekendstore.com if you like this, they have other styled pieces as well.

The Roots ft John Legend: The Fire

This is one of those songs that I could listen to all day (and practically am at work since we’re using it for a campaign). There’s something beautiful about it, that I can’t describe. I dare you to listen to it (actually sit and focus on the song) and not feel something:


Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are like my fiance and never look at anything on the Internet other than NOLA.com and ESPN, you’ve seen the anti-bullying messages going around. Everyone is jumping on board, it’s one of the movements that draws a thick black line in the sand and says “you’re either with us or against us”. Funny enough, a lot of kids end up as bullies with that same mentality, bully or be bullied.

The one message I really believe is going about it the right way is the “it gets better” message, thrown into the spotlight by Dan Savage (who I love). Not only is it a message that is worthwhile, it also points you in direction of a suicide hot-line you can call or donate to: http://www.thetrevorproject.org/

Here are some things that I don’t agree with as part of this current movement:

  1. Passing the Buck: All those messages telling bullies to stop bullying. Most of us (and I include myself in this) have been a bully at one time or another. Whether it was something you enjoyed or was something you felt peer pressured into, you’ve probably done it. Instead of picking on high school students (see any irony here?) how about you try and change your behavior and talk about what you’ll do differently? Be the change you want to see. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen get behind this that I’ve seen treat people cruely as an adult.
  2. Bullying the Bullies: Exposing bullies on the Internet and then bullying them, when does the bully become the bullied? I have a quick temper and jump onto these bandwagons just like the rest of you, but we really should stop and remember that saying about glass houses. Should bullies be punished? Yes, that would be fair and hopefully put an end to their bullying. How? I have no idea and really don’t think tar and feathering them on the Internet and sending them death threats is the way to go (http://jezebel.com/5666691/when-is-a-witch-hunt-okay).
  3. Bullying is outside of the gay community: This is more of me reading into things rather than anyone making a statement. I’ve felt that the stories I’ve seen about gay bullying and people taking action against it has really made straight guys into the bad guys. I’m not discounting the part they play in bullying, especially in high school, but they’re not always the worst. I’ve had some close friends be victims of some extremely nasty bullying (eating disorder inducting bullying) and the bullies were members of the gay community, just like my friends. I think that can sometimes be the nastiest kind of bullying, especially in college. I don’t think this was a special case either, I think this can be fairly common.

I’m glad bullying is being talked about, I’m grateful for the “it gets better” movement (I wish it had been around when I was in high school), and I hope the Trever Project reaches many more people in need because of this. I hope as people jump on this bandwagon that they read stories that remind them of their own poor behavior and it causes them to reflect and make a change. It’s a work in progress and I hope we’ll all try to be the change we want to see.