Jenga Is Universal

A week from now we’ll be back in San Francisco. We could happily spend another month here. Being free of stress and responsibility is amazing after working in fields that require long hours and daunting deadlines.
The next stop from Krabi was Ko Lanta. We took a moldy smelling ferry there and then hoped in the back of a truck to get to our place. It was a nice change from PAN beach because we could walk to places, but it was still pretty secluded and not crowded.
We had another beach bungalow, but thus one had a western toilet, a large mosquito net over the bed, and electricity 24 hours so the fan didn’t shut off. It also had a lovely porch with a hammock and comfy chairs.
The restaurant/bar was on the beach. The nice beach had to be walked to, but it wasn’t far and it was deep enough water that we could swim in low tide. A. also borrowed a snorkeling mask and did a little of that too.
There was a really good Tapas place called the Red Snapper in walking distance and an ok French Bakery. We were disappointed by the backpacker’s guide book recommendation an Indian food place, but it was on the beach so very pretty even if the food wasn’t great. We also had a dainty white cat that I named Noelle sit with us in our empty chair. A. gave her some chicken and she was very pleased. Another night/dinner we met a small black and white cat that I named Figuero but he was a fair weather friend and abandoned us for another table. There was also a pudgy Frenchy at our place that I called Ham and obviously broke the “do not pet fuzzy death” rule. I’ve broken it a bunch now, but A. said I’m not allowed to pet anything in Bangkok. I’ll probably stick with that.
We went on another four island tour that was much better. Way fewer people and more beautiful locations. When we were snorkeling we saw a giant eel and a small squid with a little fish in its tentacles. There was a very funny Easter European woman on our trip who was concerned about how not tan I was after being there for 2 weeks. She thought I had just arrived and when told I’d been there for two weeks looked very concerned at my paleness, especially my legs. I don’t think it helped that I was swimming in my long sleeve sun shirt.
We also got another scooter and hiked to a cave. It was a huge cave with cool formations and quite a lot of bats near the exit. I started to feel really claustrophobic towards the middle of our journey through the cave, but played it cool and survived. A. went to the national park and saw a ton of monkeys and was really happy about that.
We ended up staying 5 nights because it was so nice there. We swam every day, ate mostly good Thai food and enjoyed the company of the loud geckos.
We stayed true to our old people form and the latest we stayed out was 930 I think, at the bar at our place having beer and playing 3 games of jenga with a 9 year old who didn’t speak English, but jenga is universal.

I forgot to mention in my Krabi post about the rain storms. We had some big ones at night. The craziest happened in the middle of the night and woke us up from the loud thunder. It was so loud it was actually scary in our little shack. A. was thinking about how our accommodations would handle a lightning strike since it was right over us, and I forgot from sleepiness that we were 4 ft off the ground and was wondering if we’d flood.