When I Grow Up…

I wanted to be a writer from a very early age. I even had my brilliant pen name figured out in Elementary School…. Jenny Write. Amazing right? I understood that I’d need practice to become a writer so I started keeping journals (irregularly) from elementary school on.

Here’s 7th grade valentines day when the love of my elementary school years was dating my middle school best friend:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Reality is but a simple farce without reason. To be or not to be that is the question Shakespears Hamlet once said. To be or not to be is a question that shall not be answered, a question without an answer is like a book without words, the hunted without the hunter!

My life has no true meaning, I long for love and feel emptiness in my soul but the man I love is pledged to another. Life only fills me with sorrow, but I am weak and canot fill empty boasts with air.

sall for now

Please note, spelling errors kept in tact and I’ve never actually read Hamlet.


Today I spent the day in shorts and sandels walking around Golden Gate Park. My friend and I went on the carrousel and then to Stowe Lake and rented a paddle boat. The weather was incredible.

In Stockbridge, VT it’s -10 and feels like -28 according to weather.com

This is why I live in San Francisco

Why I Hate Boo the Dog

This is Boo…

I am a huge dog fan. I love nothing more than to go up to a dog, ruffle it’s ears and say “who’s a good puppy” in a sickeningly sweet voice while they wag their tails (because they know they’re the good puppy!  So why do I hate Boo? Read on. 

I manage a Facebook page for a big brand as part of my job. Back when we were small and slowly growing, we were all about numbers. When we hit 100k we were ecstatic! However, one day I read a blog post about our friend Boo. Boo had way more fans than us and was as you can see, a dog. I didn’t hate Boo then though.

Boo caused me to reevaluate how I was measuring success for our Facebook group. I came to the conclusion that just like something else, size does matter, but it’s not everything or even the most important part. I came to the conclusion that Facebook success is more about interactions (aka what you do with it). You need the numbers so you can increase the amount of people you’re reaching, but if they’re not visiting your page or have you hidden on their wall feeds, you’re not being successful.

When people interact with your page it shows up on their feeds and reaches all of their friends, multiplying by an average of 100 times (the average number of FB friends is around 100 according to Facebook). It also develops a relationship between them and your brand. The more they interact, the stronger the relationship. The goal is to build a community, where followers are sharing and interacting with each other, not just the brand.

So why do I hate Boo? Well we’ve had a lot of growth since our initial 100k and I’m currently working on my monthly report on the page and thought I’d add a page celebrating our overtake of Boo the dog, finally. So I went to Boo’s page and that motherfucker jumped to 777k after being featured on CNN. He doesn’t even appreciate it.

Thus… I hate Boo the dog.

Lesbian Lovers…

the term used to describe the relationship between Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in “the Kids are Alright” by the girl at the table next to ours at breakfast this morning…


To be fair I haven’t seen the movie, so if they do indeed refer to themselves as “lesbian lovers”, disregard the following:

Can we please move beyond the porn fantasy people? I know lesbians are titillating and like unicorns (only exist in our fantasies), but… oh wait that’s not true. They’re actual people participating in real relationships just like straight people (except less penis).

My understanding is that this movie is about a lesbian married couple and their teenage kids. Sounds a bit more seriously than “lovers” to me. I realize they’re fictional characters, but in a time where gay couples everywhere are fighting for recognition, it really bothered me to here this girl describe this relationship as “lesbian lovers”.

So do me a favor people, stop fetishizing and/or trivializing gay relationships, especially lesbians.

First Peek….

The mood board I’ve created for our wedding. Hopefully it’ll help keep me focused on color schemes and a look and feel that’s consistent. Those that know me well, please take note that there are no animal prints or sequins and be proud…

The place we’re getting married at has horses in the name and there should be some hanging out for the wedding. This is great for me because I grew up with horses, have always been a horse girl.

One of my favorite colors is “gun metal” and when I saw this bouquet on etsy, I was so excited.

I love the twinkly lights in tents for wedding. They’re such a low-key way to add a romantic air to the night.

Fireflies… We’re getting married in September, so I’m hoping to look out once it gets dark and see them flying around in the field. One of the things I miss the most living in SF.

We’re having our ceremony by a pond and I’m planning on getting wooden benches instead of chairs. I think they’ll really fit with the setting and atmosphere we’re trying to create.

Planning in using purple, grey, brown, and green for the colors.

Hoping to find some white-gold bands that are either hammered or texturized like these rings on etsy.

And there you have it! 

(Images: Jupiter Image, thefrenchmouse (etsy), P.D. Pratt, Bethcyrweddings (etsy), Getty Images) 

Goodbye 2010

If you read my Thanksgiving post you’ve realized I like to reflect, especially when there’s a holiday to remind me to. So handy!

Here’s my goodbye to 2010:

  • Most random ring into any New Year I’ve ever had. A and I ended up at our friend’s house who is Russian, which means that New Years is sort of like their Christmas and involves lots of food and drinking. After a negative Dartmouth ‘blast from the past’ I was ready to do anything that night but stay at the party we were at. We arrived, may have eaten horse salami (no one is sure), had muzzled muppet looking schnauzers want to eat us, and were merry.
  • The dark days…. The months after new years were some of my toughest I’ve had in a long time. I was off and on unemployed/broke since getting back to the states Oct 1st. It had been long enough I was doing the whole not seeing anyone and sulking around my apt. I was super fun. I had a lot of interviews that would mostly get put on hold and I had a freelancing gig that could have gone permanent but it wasn’t what I wanted to do and the women were as welcoming as a pack of jackals.
  • I had one of my best friends move to the city which helped me get out of my funk and really brought me a lot of happiness and much needed silliness.
  • I started the job I have now in advertising. It took me about 3yrs, but I finally made it into the industry. I got really lucky and also work on a team that I really like and an account that’s fun/interesting. It does leave me Facebook posting on the weekends, but I’ll take that over managing directors grabbing my thigh any day of the week!
  • In a whirlwind weekend I turned 26, got engaged, and moved into an apartment that doesn’t remind me of a dungeon. My head was left spinning, but it was pretty rad.
  • Best friend who moved to city broke our friendship off mid-summer without explanation. That was another really tough moment, but one of those tough moments where the sun shines unexpectedly. It made me reach out to other close friends and I believe it made us all closer and really gave me an appreciation of the wonderful people I have in my life. Friendship is like any relationship, it’s a choice.
  • Speaking of friendships, thank you M&A you guys make our lives better. Whether it’s doing something or nothing, we always enjoy being around you guys. I feel very lucky.
  • We went to two wedding which I think helped us both feel more comfortable about our own. They were both a lot of fun and also relaxed. I also just think as I get older, I have more of an appreciation of being at weddings and being a part of that major moment in someone’s life.
  • New Years 2011/11: This year we spent it with a couple that we’re friends whose wedding we attended this year as well. It was great, lots of champagne, music, silly conversations.

So in conclusion, 2010 was one of the best years I’ve had in a while. I noticed a lot of FB updated on New Years being glad 2010 was over, but I had a good time. I did fail at quitting celeb gossip and coffee (although I might count that as a 2011 failure), but I’m not perfect.

I wish you all a Happy New Year