They told me it would go by quickly, but they didn’t tell me is that it would just keep getting better and better and I wouldn’t be left to dwell on the endings but would revel in the new beginnings.

A year flew by, but unlike other years, I felt incredibly present in it. I’m not surprised it’s been a year because it’s been jampacked and amazing.

A year has turned a little burrito into a laughing, walking, dancing, and babbling little boy.

I’ve been trying to think about how to summarize a year, but there’s just so much that I’m overwhelmed by where to begin or what to include.

He’s a really happy kid. He finds simple things so funny and sometimes he just laughs to laugh and if you laugh back he’ll laugh again. My favorite thing to do while driving is to be just laughing back and forth with him at nothing.

He picks songs out and sways to them, sometimes singing a little. I’ve even seen him start singing without music and doing a little dancing. We’re going to have so much fun with that.

He’s obsessed with bananas. If you pick up a banana he’ll start making noises and walk over to you with a big smile on his face. You then must share the banana of course and if you try and take too many bites without sharing he’ll get upset. Once you finish the banana he’ll of course cry. My doctor recently told me my potassium is low, I wonder why?

He loves our pets. We’re trying to teach him that you can’t thump the cat like you can the dogs. He has this weird idea that Lulu’s nose should go into his mouth. He’ll gently cup his hands around her face and slowly bring her nose into his mouth and she’ll totally let him. It took us a couple of times to realize this was a thing, now we’re on it. But weird right?

He likes to share. He’ll bring me his toys sometimes to hold for him, but usually to just admire for a few seconds and then I give them back. I have high hopes this means he’s not the kid at daycare swiping toys, but given his behavior around friends I’m not so sure.

He smiles when he sees me and A. when he hasn’t seen us for a little while, even if it’s just been 15 minutes or so. He gets this big grin on his face that makes me melt.

He once played peek-a-boo using a teddy bear and I thought my heart would burst.

He loves books. He gets so excited when he sees one of his favorites and then he’ll pick it up and bring it over for us to read. Over and over and over again. I’m his preferred reader ♥ Some of his favorites are the Pout Pout Fish, Skippy John Jones, The Big Blue Truck, The Foot Book, Moo Baa Lala, The Dog Counting Book, Snuggle Puppy, and 1, 2 ,3 in the Sea.

He’s cautious but not afraid. He takes time to take things in and consider new stuff, but he adapts and explores. He does, however, think he should be able to climb off the bed/couch and I’m not sure what, fly?

Speaking of flying, he’s taken 8 planes and visited 4 different states. He’s met most of our close friends and almost all of our families. He’s been to visit his great-grandmother (Granabelle) twice. He’s had overnights with his grandparents, great-aunt, and aunt & uncle more times than I can remember. Sleeping in is amazing…………

I’ve somehow gone on 3 work trips without him and made a huge career shift into my dream job/role. I’m figuring out what being a Mom with a career is for me on a daily basis and sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s really hard.

I have amazing Mom friends that have kept me sane. I wish we were closer/had more time/talked more, but then we wouldn’t be Mom friends… I have no idea how Moms handled babies without Facebook, my Mom Facebook groups have saved me. I even had one Mom be so nice as to come over with her baby and give me a swaddling refresher, including new swaddles because I couldn’t figure it out. They’re a feisty/fierce group and I admire them so much.

He’s one and I treasure the moments where I get to hold him like the baby he once was, but I also get so excited for each new accomplishment and discovery.



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