My Halloween Renaissance

Baby Halloween brought back all of the magic and then some. First we had the fun of trying on different costumes. Would Nono be a fox? a chick? a bat?
I found what I had been searching for. A dinosaur costume with a delightfully fat tail to go on that rotund baby butt. We tried it on and it was a fit. (I also learned that baby Halloween costumes are like wedding dresses in that they seem to follow a completely different sizing scheme that has no resemblance to normal clothing sizes).
Baby Halloween is also the jam because it goes on for more than just Halloween. There were Halloween events all weekend, Monday, and then Halloween. Given his limited ability to participate (just started walking) we didn’t go crazy and we just went to a Halloween event in the park and met up with another baby friend prior to the big night.


I wasn’t sure how Nono was going to react Halloween night. How would he feel about it being dark out, all of these costumes, and Mommy and Daddy in costume too?
He truly is my son and loved it. He stood in the closed down street looking around him at the superheroes, fish, witches, dinosaurs, princesses, skeletons, and more that milled around him and a big grin appeared on his face. Earlier that night, when I came downstairs sparkling with a giant pink headdress on, he’d taken it in stride and when A. had met us outside wearing all sorts of plants from the backyard he hadn’t blinked. He was delighted by Halloween. The biggest issue we had was trying to get him to pick out a piece of candy. He stared at the bowl full of shining wrappers, confused by what we wanted him to do and not sure what would happen if he touched them. He finally cautiously touched them, but wasn’t sure about grabbing one and other kids kept coming in, expertly selecting their candy quickly and moving on while he stood there confused. Eventually, he succeeded and we deposited it in his little pumpkin.
He made Halloween magical again and now I’m counting the days until mardi gras so we can do it all over again with even more enthusiasm and coordination.




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