Liar, Liar: March 16th

It is super weird when you first find out your pregnant and you can’t tell anyone. Especially when it’s your first pregnancy so your mind is totally blown and you’re trying to act like everything is normal instead of irrevocably different.

So for those living in a cave, people tend to keep things secret first trimester because it has the greatest chance of miscarriage, which unfortunately is much more common than people think. So you’re faced with the thought process of “would I want to talk to this person if that happened” and the answer is usually no. So that fun guessing game you like to play, outing your pregnant friends? You’re being a dick. Stop it.

So anyways, I found myself in the liar camp, which was super hard for me because I’m paranoid, carry a guilt complex, and am normally an over-sharer. Seriously, it’s miracle that I kept this under wraps.

Week 1:

I can’t full describe how weird it is to be sitting at my desk, having a hundred reminders throughout the day from my weirdo body that I’m knocked up, and having to act like everything is totally normal. It’s incredibly isolating which isn’t something I ever thought would be a pregnancy experience. It’s similar to when I knew A. and I were moving to New Orleans and couldn’t share that with anyone at work, but this is even bigger.

Since I found out that I’m pregnant (it’s been 5 days), I’ve been offered booze through work socialization 3 times in a way that made it weird to say no as someone who enjoys alcohol. I went with the antibiotics excuse, but I can’t exactly ride that for the next four months without things getting really weird or having to take a medial leave. I am such a bad liar that I prepared ahead of time today so I could get specific with my antibiotics story, I went with a sinus infection since I was out sick (pregnant) the end of last week.

Fun fact I learned, one of the symptoms of early pregnancy is flu like symptoms. So I wasn’t sick, I was just pregnant. Nature’s miracle…

So I came to the realization tonight that I’m going to have to limit my happy hour attendance or turn into Pinocchio. A. suggested I tell everyone I’m going Mormon. The happy hour thing may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I live in New Orleans, I’m a young(ish) professional, and I don’t (yet) have kids. Happy hour is on the same block as my job, best opportunity to non-work socialize, and I was helping organize these last year. Oh and my client, that I travel to see at least every other month, and I have a standing date at a local brewery. So thus, being early pregnant is much more isolating than I thought.

Week 2 of knowing I’m pregnant:

Monday I went with “I’m sure hungover” because I was super nauseous and tired. Apparently a method to hiding that you’re pregnant is looking unprofessional and like you might have a drinking problem. I also used this excuse at book club (mine is literally called “Chicklit & Wine” and we’ve been under the opinion for sometime now that it should really be “Wine & Chicklit). I brought Popeyes to help sell in the “hungover” thing, and plus, what group of drinking women wouldn’t welcome Popeyes? I was told that I should be hungover every month… Little do they know…


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