Guess Who’s Employed?

Obviously it’s me, because it would be pretty weird if I were writing this post about someone else. I’m sure you’d all be polite about it, but secretly you’d be thinking “what the fuck do I care?” but since you take the time to read my blog about me, you presumably care that I am employed. So yay!

Normally I try and keep my social media and work separate, like church and state. And it’s totally like church and state in the United States because it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where I’ve worked and on what brands because I occasionally support stuff via social media and I have a LinkedIn profile. Kind of like how our elected politicians like to spend so much of their salaried time arguing about gay marriage and abortions, totally has nothing to do with their religious views, because they’re totally separate. On a related note, A. told me this weekend that I have to warn him when I’m going to start talking politics at things like rehearsal dinners so he can bail. I told him our secret word can be “republicans.” It actually wasn’t my fault, I was just curious if the woman I was talking to had insight on the Republican Senators voting to sell off our National Forests because she is a National Park employee.

Anyways, so this is a bit of an anomaly to post about a job, but it’s obviously pertinent due to the craziness that my life has gone through in the last year. My normal life starts tomorrow. And once I get things settled, Wally gets to come too. It’s somewhere I was hoping to work before all of this insanity happened and am very excited that it’s worked out. Anyone thinking I should have taken more time off before starting, My last day at my last job was March 18th or so. I’ve had plenty of time off. It’s going to be a little rough on Wally pup until I can start taking him, but I bought him a new squeaky toy and some treats to distract him.

And now some stories of applying for a job when you need a job rather than have the luxury of looking for a job you want. (Details have been altered to protect the innocent).

1. I applied to at least 20 places/job postings. I think it was more, but that’s the amount I can actually confirm. These ranged from actual postings to informational interview requests at agencies and in-house at companies. I’ve had five places I’ve been talking to over the last three weeks. There were a lot of exciting sounding jobs that then turned into “we don’t know when we’re hiring” scenarios upon meeting. I also got a lot of people that wanted to help me find a job but couldn’t hire me, crazy nice, but not a job. Even with the economy doing pretty well right now, it’s tough out there.

2. I took at least 6 different online personality quizzes and only two of those were for a corporate position. I think online quizzes for a role that I’m qualified for indicate a lack of confidence in hiring. Trust yourself, you’ll make a better judgement than a robot will. Plus, the two quizzes I have taken and seen my results for (one was last year for something different) I fell right in the middle of the results. Which means that the very specific descriptions are often totally off about me, such as “Even as a child you were likely quite industrious and showed respect for your parents and other authority figures…. Supervisors (my category) typically wish nothing more than to do what they’re supposed to do. As a result, your type is not one to question teachers’ assignments, methods of instruction, standards, or authority.” That noise you hear right now is all of my teachers laughing out loud at this. I did tell one company that I would not be able to finish their fourth online test because one of the questions asked me to rate in order of importance “Our taxes should be spent on…” and “faith-based initiatives, military spending, and balancing the budget” were three of the five options. No dice. To their credit though, they scheduled me for a second interview that I later turned down for the job I accepted.

3. The fun game of talking to people and never hearing from them again. I interviewed at one place for over an hour and half with the guy at a very well known place and he told me they were going to make a decision the next week. That was the beginning of February. Still waiting to hear. Another place I interviewed on the phone and was told they’d be setting up another interview in two days with me. That was two weeks ago. This is my biggest pet peeve about the hiring process. It take two minutes to send an email, just send one. To me it’s a black mark against that company down the road should I ever be looking again. Be professional, once we’ve talked you owe me an email. We’re both adults, I promise I’m not going to cry or key your car, I’m just going to move on with my job search knowing your company is no longer in the running. I also had a guy respond to my informational interview email request asking what brought me to New Orleans and then never responded to me again after that. That one was especially weird.

I’ve applied to over 100 jobs since graduating college in ’06. I’ve interviewed at one agency three different times and then they tried to recruit me for a fourth go a couple of years ago. My last agency I interviewed for a junior role in ’09 and then came back and started as an account executive in ’12. My first ad agency job I started the application process in October and had my first day the end of May. I’ve been interviewed many many times and I’ve lost track of all of the ‘thank you’ card and emails I’ve sent. But so it goes with the hustle.


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