Moving On

As I mentioned before, it’s totally anti-climactic finishing chemo. First you can’t really do anything to celebrate because you feel like crap and second you go from having this routine to having nothing. I thought it would be nice if I had less side effects this go around like the doctor said could happen, but I didn’t waste my hope on it so I’m not let down which was good because hello side effects! It’s been a week since my final chemo and I’m still in the midst of unpleasantness, although I can eat so that’s exciting at least.

Physically I am exhausted and get lightheaded, as well as the regular aches and pains that come with Taxol. The biggest difference is I feel free to move forward.

We moved into our place January 2nd and have been settling in. It’s really wonderful to have our own place after being nomads or guests for the last 10 months. It’s freeing to be able to do whatever we want with the space and know that we get to stay here as long as we want so we can invest in settling in.

It’s a bit strange staring from scratch after spending years accumulating the right things so we had everything we needed in San Francisco. We’re totally missing a kitchen box that I think must have been left in Vermont so we’ll get it in April. It’s the only solution that I can think of as to why we don’t have any chopping knives, coasters, juice thingy, etc. A. has been a craigslist king and we have almost all of the furniture we need which is impressive given that we haven’t been in our place for a week yet. Guest bed is ready to go. I even have pillows for you.

We picked our place in Uptown because it’s a fun neighborhood to live in and it’s got character. Since our kid timeline is pushed back thanks to the poison in my body, we figured we should make the most of it and push off our suburb house life for a while longer. There are a lot of cool parts to our new place as well as some interesting elements, like the iron spiral staircase to go downstairs. It’s just narrow enough that carrying things like a laundry basket upstairs is a pain in the ass. To offset that though we have a huge upstairs private deck which is pretty sweet. I already have plans to put a kiddy pool out there once we get into hot weather. The fact that we don’t share any walls/ceilings/floors other than the living room and guest bedroom is amazing after living in SF for almost 8 years. Don’t even get me started on the space we have…

The neighborhood is a prize too. We managed to find a coffee shop straight out of San Francisco hipsterville where you can get your bagel (which is decent so obviously not from SF) with smear for $3.50 or with lox for $14. I’m dying for someone to order the $14 bagel so I can see if it’s gold leaf. Want a tomato on that $14 bagel? That’s another $1. We also have a market, multiple restaurants, a yoga studio I’m excited about, and the best ice cream parlor in town within two blocks. Further from that we can walk to Magazine or St Charles and access everything there. Mardi Gras is going to be amazing with our access to the parades and the street car to the quarter. Tonight kicks everything off so we’re going to walk a couple of blocks and check this out.

I’ll take photos.

Tomorrow we bring our unnamed puppy home and that will be our big life change. No more sleeping in until 10am. Wish us luck.

photo (4)

We had to choose from 7 adorable fluff balls


The newest member of our household, unnamed as of yet.


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  1. What a fluffball… so cute. How big will he/she get? Looked up the ice cream parlor.. so many flavors! I’d have to choose before I got there or I’d be overwhelmed. Glad this chemo thing is Done. Feel better. Love.


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