The Internet Is Weird

But we already knew that. So fun game, google image your first name and “meme” and check out the results. It gets weird fast. Here are mine for your amusement and credit to the Bloggess for the idea (also check out her memes, are they better or worse than mine?)

Here are my Jenna memes in the order that they popped up.

Meme #1. Good Start.

I started to type that I didn’t understand this one, but then I got it. Thanks Damon.

Mikaela is about as far from Jenna as something really far.

I really have no idea why this one came up.

This one is by far my favorite.

Getting creepy.

Is it still suicide if suicide is spelled incorrectly?

I’m never sorry about Mr T

This once was true, but I think these days not so much.



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