How Sweet It Is

To not have drains in… I had my first post surgery doctor’s appointment, well actually I believe she was a nurse practitioner, but whatever. Given my experience with the plastics team I trust nurses more, unless it’s my actual plastic surgeon because she’s pretty badass.

Anyways… Got over to Dartmouth and A. wheeled me around. The wheel chairs are pretty janky I’ve got to say, the feet things are never the same length and they all need new shocks. They also don’t fit easily between most of the doorways into the doctor’s offices which is just weird. Things are getting better but still pretty sore, but nothing alarmingly so. The NP checked out everything and said it was all healing well and then I got to get the drains out. It surprisingly didn’t hurt and I guess looked super creepy/weird based on A’s comments afterwards, but I chose not to watch because watching tubes come through your skin just isn’t how I want to spend my humpday. I am definitely less sore now and I get to shower tomorrow which is incredibly exciting. I smell kind of like I went to Burning Man, but missing the sand in weird places and sun burns.

The physical therapist was really nice and also the one my Mom had, which is kind of getting weird at this point. I can’t do most of the exercises yet, but I’ve got some that I can start. It’s mostly to keep my shoulder limber (or make it limber since it’s pretty not right now). A. can be my drill sergeant “more shoulder rolls!” She said that pushing a wheel chair can be good for you too and A. asked me if I wanted to do that on the way out and “hell no” was my response. We’ll work up to that. The funny thing was is all of the examples of what I can and can’t do were based on household chores (which A. totally rolled his eyes at me during), but I found it mildly offensive. I get that they’re the easy examples to give, but like can’t it be outdoor or job related? Examples of what I should and shouldn’t be doing in the kitchen are really not my thing, but thanks for letting me know I can’t scrub pots and pans and can put away dishes. Life changing.

I then fell asleep on the way home and took a 3.5 hour nap at home because I am still recovering from cancer after all.

Next up is a full day of appointments on September 10th, you know, our third wedding anniversary. I’m going to tell this to every single person we have to meet with, I’m sure A. will love it.


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