Finally Some Good News

When you have cancer, it’s all relative as usual, so you get excited about some fucked up things. Like yesterday I was excited that we were able to switch the needles that I am injecting myself with on a daily basis out for smaller needles. Like actually excited, Like going for ice cream excited. Just weird.

Today we are excited that my bone scan came back clear. yay! We are excited that there isn’t cancer in my bones. It’s a fucked up world I’m living in folks. The CT scan is mostly clear, there is one lymph node that looks odd and they’re going to do another scan to check it out. This won’t interfere with my treatment plan of surgery first and chemo second though so that is good enough for me. Break out the bubbly, oh wait, I can’t drink right now.

Yesterday when I was having a rough day and thinking that it was going to be a really crappy ride home the following happened in this order:

1. One of my best friends emailed to tell me she’s engaged. I think her fiance is wonderful, so perked me right up.

2. A. told a joke and made me laugh, can’t even remember what it was now, but I was impressed that he could make me laugh right then.

3. My parent’s neighbors had us come over and they have TEN Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (click on the link to see what these look like). It was wonderful puppy madness.

4. Those same neighbors booked a hotel for me and A. to go away to this weekend in Boston. Just amazing.

So just like Chumbawamba says (friends recently sent me this CD in a care package), I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.

Here’s what I wore today along with my new pirate sock monkey waiting for me at home.

Belated photo of my pirate punching bag and second mate Matt the cat.


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