Alternative Therapy

It’s tough depending on  people that you don’t know to fix you, pretty powerless inducing so I’m doing some things on my own. Not sure if they help, but they don’t hurt and that’s really all that matters.

This weekend I made my first green drank courtesy of my friend/former boss Kammie.

I’m normally a Kashi breakfast girl, but decided to kick it up to some more vitamins. So yes Danny, I’m now drinking Kale. It’s also nice because it takes the pressure/guilt off if I don’t manage to eat super healthy for my other meal(s). Eating Kashi is like eating cardboard, so this is a step up for taste.

I had my first acupuncture appointment today. I wish I had a photo, but I didn’t want to weird my doctor out too much on our first visit, so next time. I like this guy a lot: when he started he said super enthusiastically “ok I’m going to stick needles in your ear now!” Obviously crazy, but the kind of crazy I enjoy. The ear thing did hurt a little, but overall it felt good and I either found the acupuncture or the lying on a table listening to soothing music really relaxing. Either way I’ll take it.

My last alternative therapy I’m currently doing is all of you. I’ve had some super well timed care packages recently when I’ve been feeling really down. It helps me not feel so isolated, because it is isolating being here after being surrounded by people for years. They do make me cry, but in the best possible way. I also owe a photo shoot that I will do this week because I’ve received some awesome stuff in the mail since my last one and quite a few things came without names.

(it’s amazing how awesome the people I’ve worked with are. blows me away).

Ok so here’s status:

1. Positive thoughts/prayers/sage burning that my CT and bone scan are clear tomorrow.

2. Weds I go for the lymph node biopsy, it would be great if that was clear too, but I’m saving myself the grief and just not investing must positivity there. I keep striking out in that office.

3. Surgery is scheduled (and will stay scheduled assuming step 1 goes ok): 8/18 and 8/25, 8/18 is when they have to do some prep. I believe it will be same day. 8/25 I will be in the hospital 3-5 days.

On to the next one…



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