Sort of Scammed

Ko Tao is my favorite place we’ve been. Getting there was interesting though. We booked a boat, bus, and a boat through a travel guy on Ko Lanta, it was an island off the opposite coast that we were on, so long trip. The guy picked us up in his truck and told us he was going to drive us to Krabi where we’d catch the bus. We rode inside the truck which was a novel experience, A. automatically climbed in the back.
He asked us on the drive if we’d help him with the ferry, assuming this was something physical we agreed. We got to the ferry and he asked us for 400 baht to pay, schemer. We gave him 100 and since we’d already paid him said that was it. We eventually got to Krabi where he went in to the bus travel office and talked to them and then quickly left. We were then informed we had been booked for the overnight ferry, which was bullshit and wouldn’t leave for another 8 hours and we’d waste the money we’d paid for a place to stay. I threatened to call the tourist police and we were pretty pissed at him. In the end we paid him to be able to take the day bus/boat. He told us the phone numbers our guy gave us were fake and he had a lot of complaints about him. We went to go eat and went back a couple of hour later, resigned to the fact we’d been scammed. Shockingly when we got back the guys said he’d been able to reach the other guy and gave us our money back.

Glad we got lucky and only got sort of scammed.

Sitting in an airport now heading to Bangkok. Last stop…


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