Like A Rolling Stone

We’ve been traveling for 19 days and have 11 more to go in Thailand. Then we’ll have roughly 21 days in SF, Portland, Glacier, Yellowstone, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Toronto before we arrive in Vermont for the summer.
It’s strange after having roots for almost 8 years to no longer have a “home”. We sold all the furniture so we don’t even have a bed that’s ours anymore. It was an uphill battle for the first 4 or so years in San Francisco to build a life for myself and to walk away from it seems a bit mad, but I do so with confidence that I didn’t have before that I can do it and be much better at it this time.
It made our goodbye party bittersweet because as a friend pointed out to me, it was a collection of friends I made soon after arriving to friends I’d made in my last year in SF. A true reflection of a built life.
And now I’m on a ferry in Thailand getting a little teary eyed over it all.
Luckily I have years of practice at the long distance friendship with some of the closest people to my heart so I know my SF life will continue through long distance relationships. It’s not the same, but it’s invaluable. My Dad actually showed me the way through having one best friend in Connecticut and the other in New Jersey. You make it work.
But I have the one constant who was there for the beginning and will be there through each step of new adventure and that’s really how it holds together.


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