Male privilege is the sexualization of Breast Cancer awareness.


it reminds me of what Randall Munroe said:

“The frustrating thing about the “Save the Boobies” campaign and similar things (like the “Booberday” meme going around G+) is that they get it exactly backward. Often, the point of breast cancer treatment is to destroy some or all of the boobies in order to save the woman.

Saying that we should work to cure this disease because it threatens breasts is really upsetting. For starters, it suggests that women are worth saving because they’re attached to breasts, rather than the other way around. But worse, it tells any woman who’s had a mastectomy to try to save her life that she’s lost the thing that made people care about her survival. What a punch in the stomach.”

Bless this post

Breast cancer has killed most of my Nana’s sisters.

Breast cancer killed my grandfather’s mother.

Breast cancer caused my Nana’s final cancer that killed her.

My Mum, aunties and their female cousins are all at high risk for breast cancer. In fact, it killed one of my mum’s cousins at 40 years old.

Me, my sisters and female cousins are going to have to spend our lives highly conscious about developing this cancer.

Fuck that guy, and that shirt, and everyone and anything else who tries to trivialise the very real effects this cancer has on real life people and families.

This is where it gets a little tricky in saying “Fuck that guy”. I actually have one of these shirts and bought my Mom (a two time survivor  one. They were designed by a woman fighting breast cancer who wanted to keep her sense of humor about this terrible disease. She lost her battle with cancer and the shirts have lived on as a way to raise money for research and now they offer a scholarship for kids who have lost their mother to cancer (any type).

I don’t actually wear the shirt because I’m anti pink ribbon, but I was touched by the story and I think it’s completely understandable that her friends and family (husband and five kids) have continued on with this as a way to honor her memory and try to make a difference.

Check it out:


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