A very thankful 2011

Each year on Thanksgiving I like to think about what I’m thankful for. I think we often get caught up in our lives and forget to take the time to appreciate our good fortune. For me, Thanksgiving is a nice reminder that I should do that once in a while. Also having a pile of thank you notes to write from the wedding is a good reminder about being thankful in life too….

I also thought this would be a good way to start up with my blog again since I’m still trying to figure out where to start to recap all that happened in the last few months. So here goes.

First thing I’m thankful for is my husband. It has been a journey to get here that we have been by each other’s sides for every step of the way. It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t a fairytale but we both found someone who we couldn’t live without in the other person. I’m very thankful to have that in my life and to have so much to look forward to as we move through life together.


Second- I’m thankful for my family. Without them, I’m not sure what our wedding would have been like. They offered so much support, didn’t hold it against me when I got grouchy, and left me in awe with their actions after the hurricane and leading up to the wedding. Each year I’ve lived in San Francisco I’ve grown more homesick and they’ve grown more important to me and this year was definitely the hardest, but I mean that in a good way. It’s been a really tough year for them and me and I am so grateful that we’ve had each other throughout and gotten to share the good things that have come along as well.


Third- I’m thankful for my “new” family. Getting married brought me into a family that I think is wonderful. I’m looking forward to years to come of spending time with them, getting to know them better, and being a part of their family. They’ve been a part of my relationship with A. for a long time and shown love and support for us throughout the journey, but now I get to officially call them my family too.


Fourth- I’m so grateful for all the friends I got to see this year and spend time with. Most years I get to see a couple of friends outside our San Francisco circle and this year due to the wedding and my college reunion I got to spend time with everyone and it was amazing. I got to have different friend circles meet and have fun together as well as spend some time with good friend’s significant others that I didn’t know very well. I’m not sure that it brought us closer together, I think it just reminded us how much we enjoy each other. This year I get to not just be grateful for my wonderful friends, but  get to be grateful for all the time I got to spend with them.


Fifth- As always, I’m grateful for the newly dubbed “Hasenkitties”. Even with all the hairballs, kitty litter, and fur they make my life better. I think animals have the capacity to make us better people because they’re simple in their needs and emotional responses. They want basic things and provide love in return and also are entrusted to our care, giving us responsibility for another living creature. I’m grateful for the purrs, cuddles, and amusement they’ve provided.

And just to throw it in there so I don’t get bad karma, I’m grateful for our health, a roof over our heads, and that we both have jobs.

What are you grateful for this year?


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