Check Your Road Rage/Ego

Drive Angry

Dear 4 Wheeled Road Sharers,

Please check your road rage (and by road rage I mean ego) against the two wheeled people. Your road rage won’t equal a dinged fender, it’ll take us out. I promise no one thinks less of you because a scooter or motorcycle goes around you in traffic (which we’re legally allowed to do if it’s between two lanes going the same direction). We’ll be out of your way soon since we’ll just continue to work our way up. We’re not threatening your status as “king/queen of the road” we’re just using it a different way. I understand it’s alarming when someone buzzes by you in between lanes; personally I move slowly and wait till traffic is stopped at a red, but everyone drives differently. The ones buzzing by you will be out of your sight before you get to the next Eminem song on your iPod and definitely before you finish that cell phone call, so don’t worry about them.

When I cut to the front of traffic, please don’t honk. It scares the bejeezus out of me since it’s much louder when I’m directly in front of your car and not buffered as I would be in a 4 wheel vehicle. The last thing I want to do is be startled into making a mistake on my scooter in front of your car, it’ll slow us both down as we wait for the cops and possibly an ambulance. I’ll also be out of your way by the next light. And please don’t buzz by me ½ in my lane to show your anger, if you hit me you’ll probably kill me and at the very least maim me. Is it really worth it? It also leaves me with the assumption that a certain appendage of yours is very stunted and thus the source of your out of control rage. So what is the win there?

Just take a deep breath, and relax.

-That Chick on the Scooter

Image Property of Dreamstime)


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