Movies You Should Watch (REVISED)

I’m a big fan of cartoons. I’m constantly on the look out for a good cartoon movie, they have to have some adult humor to work for me and if it’s a little dark well, then I’m in love. For me the 70s and 80s were the best for cartoon movies. The more artistic animation style worked better for the darker stories than our current computerized style. Todays animation is too bright and rounded, give me the gritty, dark, and edgier drawings.

If you know what I’m talking about and agree at all, you should check out these films:

(I haven’t seen the Secret of Nimh in a long time, but I feel confident it would hold up).

I was also of course a huge fan of Rainbow Brite and She-Ra, but I’d enjoy those for sentimental reasons rather than quality at this point.

Have one that should be on this list? Post it!


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