Why I’m My Own Wedding Planner

I had always planned on being my own wedding planner. I had talked with my other marketing friends about how we’re all too controlling to trust someone with our vision, how we’d love all the details too much to give it up to someone else. Right.

Fast forward to when I actually got engaged and my wedding is on the other side of the country, while I work 50-60 hour work weeks regularly. Suddenly, being able to hand stuff off to a seasoned professional looks like how I imagine heaven.

When my parents let us know they were planning on helping contribute, I heaved a sigh of relief. The anxiety I’d been feeling about our budget receded and I had a little more breathing room. With that breathing room, I started to wonder if I could have a coordinator help me. One of my former coworkers started a wedding planning business and offers month-of packages at $900 and a la carte options for the day of, as well.

Unfortunately, she’s in the Bay Area, so I can’t use her in Vermont (Va De Vie Events for any of you lucky brides in the area). I began looking online for local wedding coordinators. I was really disappointed to see that they were all playing “the wedding game” (as I like to think of it) and not providing any pricing on their websites.

I reached out to them, and the emails started to pour in. I was told it is impossible to plan a wedding for 10k, that their rates were thousands of dollars, that I can’t rely on any help from friends or family. It was quite the positive experience, obviously.

None of them gave any indication they would be able to help save me money in my planning or had any vender relationships that I’d be able to benefit from (I asked).

(image from Hasboro games)

I was really disappointed that this was my experience with wedding planners in my home state, but it didn’t affect how I feel about the wedding.

I believe I will be able to plan this with my budget (or come close enough that I’m happy). I’m not interested in paying any individual person thousands of dollars for services I can’t eat or drink. I also do believe that my friends and family are going to come through for me and help me in this momentous task.

Don’t allow venders of any kind to intimidate you in your wedding talks. It’s their loss. Make sure you’re working with supportive people who you feel you can trust and have a beneficial relationship with.

Are you working with a wedding coordinator?


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