Why Does Valentine’s Day Have to be a Bad Thing?

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Always. I don’t get why people have such strong negative feelings against it. I mean I guess if the color pink evokes a feeling of hatred then I get it (although I think you may need help from a licensed professional if you’re getting that worked up over a color).

A lot of people seem to hate Valentine’s Day because they feel it’s making a statement about romantic relationships. Obviously that’s the focus put on the day by commercials and businesses, but does that mean that’s what your Valentine’s Day has to be about?

It’s a day like any other day (other than the covered in pink and overpriced restaurant menus) and you can choose to put as much or as little focus as you want. I’ve always used it as a day to appreciate the people in my life. Up until A. and I started dating I never spent the day with a significant others. It was a day that I would go out to dinner with my friends, see a hockey game, get ridiculous cardboard cartoon valentines and give them to everyone.

So stop being lame and hating on Valentine’s Day. Pick someone in your life that you care about and do something special for them to show you care. Have fun and don’t make this a singles vs couples day (save that for your high school reunion). (photo courtesy of JibJab)


Also, I forgot the best part of Valentine’s day. This is corny, but make it about you! Watch that horrible movie you’ve been embarrassed to tell anyone you wanted to see, get yourself your favorite flowers (we all need flowers in February), get some yummy takeout and just do whatever makes you happy.


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