When I Grow Up…

I wanted to be a writer from a very early age. I even had my brilliant pen name figured out in Elementary School…. Jenny Write. Amazing right? I understood that I’d need practice to become a writer so I started keeping journals (irregularly) from elementary school on.

Here’s 7th grade valentines day when the love of my elementary school years was dating my middle school best friend:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Reality is but a simple farce without reason. To be or not to be that is the question Shakespears Hamlet once said. To be or not to be is a question that shall not be answered, a question without an answer is like a book without words, the hunted without the hunter!

My life has no true meaning, I long for love and feel emptiness in my soul but the man I love is pledged to another. Life only fills me with sorrow, but I am weak and canot fill empty boasts with air.

sall for now

Please note, spelling errors kept in tact and I’ve never actually read Hamlet.


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