Why I Hate Boo the Dog

This is Boo…

I am a huge dog fan. I love nothing more than to go up to a dog, ruffle it’s ears and say “who’s a good puppy” in a sickeningly sweet voice while they wag their tails (because they know they’re the good puppy!  So why do I hate Boo? Read on. 

I manage a Facebook page for a big brand as part of my job. Back when we were small and slowly growing, we were all about numbers. When we hit 100k we were ecstatic! However, one day I read a blog post about our friend Boo. Boo had way more fans than us and was as you can see, a dog. I didn’t hate Boo then though.

Boo caused me to reevaluate how I was measuring success for our Facebook group. I came to the conclusion that just like something else, size does matter, but it’s not everything or even the most important part. I came to the conclusion that Facebook success is more about interactions (aka what you do with it). You need the numbers so you can increase the amount of people you’re reaching, but if they’re not visiting your page or have you hidden on their wall feeds, you’re not being successful.

When people interact with your page it shows up on their feeds and reaches all of their friends, multiplying by an average of 100 times (the average number of FB friends is around 100 according to Facebook). It also develops a relationship between them and your brand. The more they interact, the stronger the relationship. The goal is to build a community, where followers are sharing and interacting with each other, not just the brand.

So why do I hate Boo? Well we’ve had a lot of growth since our initial 100k and I’m currently working on my monthly report on the page and thought I’d add a page celebrating our overtake of Boo the dog, finally. So I went to Boo’s page and that motherfucker jumped to 777k after being featured on CNN. He doesn’t even appreciate it.

Thus… I hate Boo the dog.


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