Lesbian Lovers…

the term used to describe the relationship between Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in “the Kids are Alright” by the girl at the table next to ours at breakfast this morning…


To be fair I haven’t seen the movie, so if they do indeed refer to themselves as “lesbian lovers”, disregard the following:

Can we please move beyond the porn fantasy people? I know lesbians are titillating and like unicorns (only exist in our fantasies), but… oh wait that’s not true. They’re actual people participating in real relationships just like straight people (except less penis).

My understanding is that this movie is about a lesbian married couple and their teenage kids. Sounds a bit more seriously than “lovers” to me. I realize they’re fictional characters, but in a time where gay couples everywhere are fighting for recognition, it really bothered me to here this girl describe this relationship as “lesbian lovers”.

So do me a favor people, stop fetishizing and/or trivializing gay relationships, especially lesbians.


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