First Peek….

The mood board I’ve created for our wedding. Hopefully it’ll help keep me focused on color schemes and a look and feel that’s consistent. Those that know me well, please take note that there are no animal prints or sequins and be proud…

The place we’re getting married at has horses in the name and there should be some hanging out for the wedding. This is great for me because I grew up with horses, have always been a horse girl.

One of my favorite colors is “gun metal” and when I saw this bouquet on etsy, I was so excited.

I love the twinkly lights in tents for wedding. They’re such a low-key way to add a romantic air to the night.

Fireflies… We’re getting married in September, so I’m hoping to look out once it gets dark and see them flying around in the field. One of the things I miss the most living in SF.

We’re having our ceremony by a pond and I’m planning on getting wooden benches instead of chairs. I think they’ll really fit with the setting and atmosphere we’re trying to create.

Planning in using purple, grey, brown, and green for the colors.

Hoping to find some white-gold bands that are either hammered or texturized like these rings on etsy.

And there you have it! 

(Images: Jupiter Image, thefrenchmouse (etsy), P.D. Pratt, Bethcyrweddings (etsy), Getty Images) 


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