Dear Anonymous

In my month off I somewhere along the way got a note from an anonymous person on Tumblr asking me “why I’m so angry/sad for such a young person?”

Truly Bizarre.

First of all “anonymous” if you actually read all the posts on my blog you’ll see that I’m definitely not “so angry/sad”. It’s a strange conclusion to draw from my postings. I don’t think having strong opinions make me an angry/sad person and I definitely don’t think that my posts overall carry either of these emotions consistently.

Condescending much? I’ve had a pretty good life so far, I’ve been very lucky. However thinking that because someone is young they can’t have experienced enough to be sad/angry is pretty ignorant.  One of my close friends, who is my age, had her father pass away over Christmas, I imagine she’s pretty angry/sad and going to be for quite some time. I could go into further examples of people I know and care about that have experienced enough tough things to justify them being angry/sad at a young age, but I don’t really see the point.

Life is hard at different points for different people. I’ve been angry/sad for months on end at different points of my life, some very justifiably so. What I share on the blog is what I’m willing to share with absolute strangers, my boss, my enemies, my family, etc. It’s public and online so anyone can read it and I always keep that in mind. To assume that you’ve got a good picture of anyone from their blog is foolish. It’s written by someone choosing to share certain aspects of themselves,: we censor, manipulate, and share biased opinions (it’s like Fox News except usually way less evil).

So anonymous, while I encourage anonymous notes, whatever people are comfortable with, I think you should find another blog. Clearly mine isn’t making you happy if all you’re getting is angry/sad vibes. However, it’s a public blog so it’s up to you. Just remember you don’t have to read it and I can use the delete keys and entries however I please.



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