Wedding Planning Ain’t Easy

The smiling carefree brides you see on tv and magazines are lying to you. Either that or they’re all high on something and floating above the reality that is wedding planning.

Here’s my experience so far:

The day of: It was really exciting. We told our parents and two close friends and just enjoyed the night out (it was my birthday).  I also tried out dancing on a pole for the first time (in a bar, not a strip club), yay engagement! The next day started the onslaught of “when” and “where”.

Logically does this make sense? Who says yes and then immediately starts planning when and where? I was bawling my eyes out and feeling overwhelmed, if you say yes and immediately get tactical on the wedding I’m concerned for you.

About four months after that we narrowed down the two locations we wanted to do it in (New Orleans or Vermont). I also had my wedding party figured out and he got his Best Man situation on lockdown. During this time came a four day period where my Mom and I didn’t speak due to someone having a case of mother-of-the-bride-zilla.

People have weighed in on where they want us to do it, but have been really good about it. With a couple exceptions (see above) people have offered an opinion but not been pushy. Thank you, this makes my life easier.

We’re now narrowing down on a location and I had sugarplums dancing in my head as I thought, yay now I can start on invitations and flowers and fun stuff. Silly, silly me. Reality backhanded me yesterday and today I’m working on a contract for the place we want to use, negotiating with the owners through my Dad, and trying to figure out how much designer port-a-potties cost to rent.


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