Things I’m thankful for

I always try to think on Thanksgiving about what I’m thankful for (or in the case of this post, several days before Thanksgiving). It’s something I don’t do enough, so I appreciate there’s a holiday scheduled to remind me to do this.

This year here’s what I’m most thankful for:

1. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with the guy I love. There’s no uncertainty, no needing a next step, there’s a very solid happiness in my life because of this everyday.

2. The people I love for the most part are healthy. Not everyone is doing perfectly, but overall we’re doing pretty well (honestly this is one of those that I feel obligated to list, peer pressure on what to be thankful for).

3. I have a job I like! (Selfishly this is probably #2, but again, the whole societal peer pressure on my thankful list). Last year I was jobless, sunk in depression, and not sure where my life was headed. This year I have a job I like, coworkers I look forward to seeing, and a company I enjoy being a part of. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me the difference between this November and last.

4. I don’t have to work at Macy’s over the holidays (see above). I had a holiday job at Macy’s last year and am SO thankful I don’t have to work there this year. People are selfish, rude, and often mean when they shop over the holidays. Dealing with that, constant Christmas music, coworker drama, and untangling necklaces was pretty miserable. BE NICE TO YOUR SALESPEOPLE WHEN YOU SHOP. And for the love of god, put it away neatly after you try it on, look at it, etc. $9.75 an hour is not good money.

5. The kitties. They drive me crazy often, but I’m grateful I have them. Right now one of them is cuddling my arm and the other is cuddling me feet. Four years in college without a pet to call my own, it makes me very happy I’ve got these two guys to come home to.

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}

Happy Thanksgiving


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