Two Truths & A Lie

The theme of my work’s weekly Toastmaster’s club this past week was “Bullshit”. Two Truths and a Lie was brought up, but not actually pursued. Here’s what mine would have been:

I’ve fed a wild alligator by hand

I’ve pet a tiger

I’ve pet a baby moose

Meet Boudreau. I went fishing in Louisiana with A and his Dad & Brother. It was fantastic fishing by the way, if you like to fish, go to Louisiana. When we got back to the docks our guide cleaned and gutted the fish for us and his buddy Boudreau showed up looking for scraps. We estimated that Boudreau was around 12ft, definitely had his feet on the ground while eating from my hands. It would not have been nice if he’d decided to eat my arm, but I get this kind of behavior from my Dad. If it has to do with an animal and it sounds cool, I’ll do it. A was less than thrilled by this adventure. **My one exception to this are sharks, I have no desire to have any interaction with sharks.

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}

I also have pet a baby moose that was about the size of a German Shepherd. A friend worked at a vet office and someone found the baby so they took it in and would let it out for short amounts of time in hopes it would find it’s Mom and not get eatten. It was super soft and heartrenching. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos.

I haven’t pet a tiger YET, but on my ‘bucket list’ is going to the tiger temple in Thailand. A is also less than thrilled with this plan.


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