Dunce Cap

It’s been a busy week so my writing has been sorely neglected. It has however, allowed me enough time to get over the face that Tumblr destroyed my last entry and rewrite it.


The other night I was looking for my transcript for something. I spent at least 30min foraging through our paper drawers. These are not drawers made out of paper, they’re drawers filled with bank statements, insurance info, student loan docs, love notes, cute cards etc. We have a filing cabinet that A bought a year ago, but have not made much use out of it yet unfortunately.

I finally found my transcript and sat down for an unenthusiastic look. As I checked out my trimester GPAs I started feeling better about myself. I totally did better than I thought my last year of college. I can justify the lackluster GPA since I obviously did better as I matured. I continue to scan and am feeling more and more pleasantly surprised with my numbers.

Wow, I totally did better than I thought, it must have been that D in Spanish that brought me down. A couple screw ups Freshmen year, but overall I was a good student! Then I get to the AP credit section and my thought it “uh oh”. I didn’t have any AP credits (my high school made me take gym instead of AP English, thanks for that Rochester High School, those extra rounds of dodgeball have really helped me in life). I’m looking at quite a few AP credits listed and I get a very sinking feeling and look up at the header on the page. Yep, it’s my fiance’s transcript (we went to the same college). Crap.

I spent the rest of the night in shame after feeling so indignant and self righteous about my academic history.


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