Friday Favs: BLOG STYLE

Here are some of my favorite blogs:


I’ve been reading this for 6yrs now. My favorite is Kitty Love (Winston is an adorable alien), but it’s Rich’s clever and sarcastic writing style that makes me love it. He covers a variety of topics, mostly of the pop culture variety and puts a lot time and love into it.


Post Secret

I’ve been reading this one for about 9yrs now. My freshmen roomate introduced me and I have read it almost weekly ever since. It’s inspirational, sad, uplifting, heartbreaking, and everything in between. I went to one of the lectures with a friend a few years ago and it actually took our friendship to another level.

Birthday Girl Blog

My friend Becca started this about a year and a half ago and it’s great. It’s all things birthday and includes some amazing recipes and tons of feel good imagery and ideas.

My 10k Wedding

A former coworker of mine who started this blog for her own wedding and has created a wedding planning business thanks to her design and organization talent. She has great recomendations for money saving ways to plan a beautiful wedding, plus inspirational stories and images from her own and ones she’s helped plan


I read this one the most, having sworn off Perez Hilton and a friend recommended this. I’ve been Perez free since he got punched by the Black Eyed Peas manager (best thing they’ve ever contributed to society). Jezebel is the lady version of Gawker, focusing on celeb, style, politics, etc. I don’t always agree with them, in face I get pretty pissed sometimes by their posts, but I love their commenter community. There’s always clever responses and insightful conversations below each post that makes the site work visiting.

Have a blog you love? Share it!


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