Party Foul

My 5th year reunion is next year and I’m excited to go back and see all my friend that live on the East Coast in one swoop.

It’s also making me remember some of my college moments and I thought I’d share one of the biggest party fouls I’ve ever experienced…

My house was sort of the hippy house, we were a co-ed fraternity, sigma epsilon chi (SEX in greek letters, can you tell we were 18-22yr olds?) Commonly known as the Tabard. We had a once a term disco party that was extremely popular. People got very dressed up and danced their faces off till we kicked them out. It took a full time task force to batten the hatches and keep people from climbing through the windows, fire escape, etc to avoid the line and $1 cover. This had varying degrees of success since members weren’t at their soberest and sometimes didn’t even show up to their post at their appointed time, never-mind actually pay attention.

My Sophmore summer I was president of the house, so I was sober for disco (in case the school, cops, or medics made an appearance) and making sure things are going ok. Not the most fun job. It was also a really hot night, the whole summer had been cold up till then, but this night was around 90 which is super hot when you’re in the northeast and not used to it. About an hour into the party a drunk girl broke one of the upstairs toilets. Broke. Somehow she shattered the tank so there was toilet water gushing out over the floor. While one of our more mechanically inclined members worked on shutting that water off I rushed downstairs to survey the damage. Water was pouring down directly below the bathroom onto the dancefloor. Since it was so hot, the drunk dancing undergrads were loving it and purposely dancing under the leaks and getting covered in toilet water. It was horrifying.

I surveyed the scene and made a decision. The water had been turned off so the leak would be stopping, no one I knew was dancing in the water, the dancers were already covered in the water, and the entire party would be over if I did anything since I’d have to turn the music off, inform the dancers and clean up the floor. The damage was done.

I walked away and did door duty for the next four hours. On the plus side, it was one of the most profitable Discos we ever had since we had a sober person on door duty most of the night.

This photo was pre-party foul


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