We Can’t Be Friends….

I’m not a fan of writing people off, but if you don’t support Gay Rights and Gay Marriage we can’t be friends. Seriously.

For years I’ve had discussions with people on the other side of this, whether it was hardcore or just ‘i’m ok with civil unions but no marriage’, after living in CA and going through Prop 8, if you’re not on my side of the fence on this one, we can’t be friends.

Here’s why:

I have many friends who I love (love, not just like, love) that are gay. I have seen them go through hardship for acceptance that I can even fathom what it feels like. Sure I had a hard time up until I graduated High School with fitting in, people were really mean to me, I’m a woman so I live with discrimination: this all pales in comparison to what my friends have gone through.

I’m engaged and I could get married tomorrow if I wanted to, my dear friend who has been with his partner for longer than my relationship can not. I can’t emotionally disengage from this fact, it’s a civil rights issue and emotions are part of it. If you think the people that I love don’t deserve equal rights because their sexual relations make you uncomfortable, we can’t be friends. Their sex is none of your business (plus you’ve probably had or received anal or received or given head/eating out, so what’s the big fucking deal?)

My friends have made my life better in more ways than I can possibly explain. I didn’t trust women for years because of the competitive backstabbing friendships I experienced in high school, gay men saved me. They loved my differences, they thought I was worthwhile, and they had my back.

I also have many friends I love that are lesbians. 3 out of the 4 members of my wedding party are lesbians. They’ll stand by me when I say “I do” and I’ll stand by them until they can in every state.

It boils down to, my friends right to marry is more important than someone being made uncomfortable by the idea. They deserve the possibility of happy ever after just like the rest of us. If you don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get one.

Last Points:

No to gay marriage? Well think about this:

  • I can get married to someone I met today, today
  • I can then file for divorce/annulment tomorrow, (and get as many divorces/marriages I want the rest of my life)
  • I can marry my male roommate for tax breaks/medical insurance ride along
  • I can marry my cousin in the right state
  • I can marry a 16yr old in the right state if their parents give permission
  • I can marry my adopted son once of age (Hi Woody Allen)
  • I have no religious affiliation whatsoever, but I can get certified and marry you

{photos ©JennaDays 2010}


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