Friday Favorites

Current Favorites: Fossil Ring, Vermont Necklace, The Roots ft John Legend: The Fire

My Fossil Ring: I was unemployed for about five months last year (two of which I was traveling). I spent that December working at Macy’s in Fashion Jewelry. Stories about that experience another time… I was totally broke but basically selling my kriptonite (fun, cheap jewelry). I was good though, this was the only thing I bought after it went on sale. Today it rained and was grey and I’ve been sick all week so this brightened up my day. An example of something little that has been worthwhile for almost a year now.

My Vermont Necklace (I promise I’ll diversafy from jewelry).

I got this at the Renegade Craft Fair that took place this past July in San Francisco. One of the most fun events they have in the city. Really creative people from all over bringing their stuff. It’s also excellent people watching. I bought this because in the last year I’ve really begun to miss where I grew up. I like being able to wear this and keep it close to my heart. I also think the antique map with antique setting is really unique and nice to look at, it can pretty much go with anything so I can have it on whenever I’m feeling homesick. (This example is of Paris where one of my dear friends is for the next year). Check out: if you like this, they have other styled pieces as well.

The Roots ft John Legend: The Fire

This is one of those songs that I could listen to all day (and practically am at work since we’re using it for a campaign). There’s something beautiful about it, that I can’t describe. I dare you to listen to it (actually sit and focus on the song) and not feel something:


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