Why I Hate Breast Cancer Awareness Month


That’s right, I said it, I hate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Before you all start throwing pink ribbons at me, let me explain. I’ve had breast cancer on my radar since I was a kid. My Mom lost her mother to it at a young age, my great aunt had it twice, and my Mom has had it twice, the second time resulting in a single mastectomy. Breast Cancer matters a lot to me, I live my life with this little voice in the back of my head saying “you could be next”.

Why do I hate a month devoted to this disease that’s effected my family so much? Because it “prettyfies” it. Breast cancer is not sexy, pretty, nice, funny, or cute. Breast Cancer is an ugly disease that is actually pretty scary. The women that have breast cancer are amazing, sexy, beautiful, inspiring people (guys, I’m not forgetting about you in this, but I just haven’t known any men to suffer from this and don’t want to make assumptions on how you go through this, I’m writing from what I know). When was the last time Breast Cancer awareness put an amazon on their site or ad (a woman with a single masectomy)?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is one big cash in. It belittles what people actually go through (lymphedema from radiation treatments is not cute) and helps corporations make lots of dough. Most things you buy with the wretched pink ribbon on it are not going towards breast cancer. The company makes a donation and then is able to put that ribbon on their products, making more money than they donated. Instead of telling you they donated money and letting that give them a good image to the public, they see it as a chance to cash in.

Sexy breast cancer. This has gone so wrong I almost don’t know where to start…. sigh… Breast Cancer is NOT sexy! The people who suffer from it can be sexy because of their strength, bravery, and perseverance.  Instead of celebrating our survivors and cherishing them, it’s become about a pink ribbon and tits. Don’t even get me started on this current Facebook trend of sexual status updates referring to their purses. How is that helping find a cure for breast cancer? I think because this disease mainly effects women and their breasts that it’s not taken seriously and softened down to the point where sexy status updates feel like they’re relevant.

We need to shift gears. People know what Breast Cancer is, it’s been marketed to death. Breast Cancer Awareness month should be about how to donate to make a difference, what products are proven to raise your risk, and what laws/regulations we can ask our government to enact to help protect us and make care available for all who need it.


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