Wedding Planning…

So step 1 was figure out about how many people we would want since that effects where we can have it.

Step 2 was have a very very loose conversation about budget

Step 3 is finding a place since location is up in the air as is date.

Step 3 is freaking hard! So many places don’t list any sort of pricing which make me shy away. If you don’t list a price, you’re probably not getting my business (hi Craft Fair t-shirts with no prices last weekend). I hate that awkward, ok then *(you cost too much) exchange. To avoid it, I will walk away and not ask. Plus there is a huge range of money that a wedding can cost so if you’re not even willing to put up what the physical site rental is I have no idea if you’re near my imaginary budget. (Exact science right?)

I had one place that I thought was beautiful and bit the bullet and requested info, they sent me a 12k budget. I was like hellz no! Then I saw all their bulleted items and realized, wow, this could actually be ok since most of this expensive stuff is not what I’m looking for.

I just want the fun stuff to start, finding the location=stressful and not fun. It’s not just the rental either, it’s restrictions as well from caterer to hours to one place won’t let you invite kids, what? we’re not getting married at a strip club!


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