Summery of Events

  • On May 28th I started my new job as an Account Coordinator for a major ad agency. I’ve been chasing this job for around 2.5 years, I can’t tell you how many cover letters I’ve submitted or interview I’ve been on… The new job is on a great account with a very talented team and has been everything I’ve hoped for so far. My goal is to be promoted to an AAE in 6 months (I have a background in account management).
  • On June 5th I turned 26 and my boyfriend of 5yrs asked me to marry him. We haven’t set a date yet because we want some time to be happy and engaged and not planning and saving quite yet. BUT I’m doing some side research for the big day of course. What we’ve discussed so far is that we’d like to get married outside and we’ve not going to do a sit down dinner.
  • On June 6th we moved into our new apartment, a 2 bedroom on the panhandle. We’ve spent the last four years with furniture either donated by awesome friends/family or the cheapest you can buy. I want to make this apt a home and less like a college dorm room.

So that’s life right now, fast paced and overwhelming, but pretty great. This is my journey where I get to start living what I’ve been striving for for so long.


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